Our Mission: Find out if Huntsman Transport, led by Joseph Crisp, is a legitimate company who Prison’s nationwide can trust to transport their prisoners.

After interviewing the founders, making quite few calls, and doing a considerable amount of digging, here’s what we have determined.

A) Joseph Crisp is a BadA** Dude.

Here’s a quick resume

- Conducted Special Operations in Afghanistan.

- Attached to the 1st Raiders Group (MARSOC).

- Served as Operations NCOIC (Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge), overseeing all logistics for convoy operations including route planning, vehicular positioning, personnel assignments, and strategic weapons placement.

- Participated in two named operations: Operation Branding Iron and Operation Terra Mar.

- Sole survivor in an incident where an MRAP was hit by a 200lb IED.

- Awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (NAM) with a valor device for heroic actions, including protecting a wounded Marine during combat.

- Stationed in Washington DC, became a member of the prestigious Ceremonial Drill Team, serving at the White House and rising to the position of Platoon Sergeant.

I don’t know about you, but this seems like a guy more than capable of transporting a few prisoners from A to B.

B) Huntsman Transport Puts It’s “Money Where Its Mouth Is”

When digging through Huntsman’s reputation in the industry, one of the things that stuck out to us the most, weirdly, was it’s PRICING.

Huntsman is so confident in their training and military experience that they bring to the table, that they literally GUARANTEE all of their services.

It’s not just talk either, here are some examples…

- “No Fail Policy” — Huntsman has a 100% success rate (we checked) however, IF they were to loose a prisoner, it literally says in their contracts that they will refund every dime of that contract. We have never seen this before with a prisoner transport company.

- “1st Month Free” — Huntsman never actually charges anything the first MONTH it works with a new state or county. It does the services for an entire MONTH without billing anything, to first make sure that their client is happy.

- “Personal Guarantee” — Joseph is not a “behind the desk” CEO. Every transport comes with his personal guarantee, that it will be completed on time, and with military precision or they refund the money + give you $5,000. Again, we’ve never seen this before.

C) Every Single Employee is an Veteran, a vast majority with extremely high level combat experience.

Long story short, these are not mall cops transporting your prisoners. When interviewing and researching, their team reminded us more of a SWAT team than people that do Prisoner Transports.

D) They are well funded, with an impressive fleet that grows by the day

Joseph was able to secure a wealthy private investor early on in his Huntsman Journey, who really believes in his mission of safely transporting Prisoners and employing thousands of amazing Veterans. Because of this, we were very impressed with Huntsman’s ability to scale it’s fleet of squad cars, squad vans, and even, when needed, Private Aircraft. Most companies in this space are not this well funded, and it is evident when you visit Huntsman’s well stocked hanger based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

CONCLUSION: We love Veteran-Run Companies, and Huntsman Transport is one of the best examples we have found.

Everything, and we mean EVERYTHING that is associated with the name “Joseph Crisp” & “Hunstman Transport” is done with the highest level of Military Excellence. After researching this company, it has inspired us to reach to higher levels of performance in our daily lives. We look forward to seeing Huntsman continue to grow and help thousands of Prisons Nationwide Safely Transport their prisoners, while simultaneously employing thousands of Amazing Veterans.